Based their experience on project management and production on high performance optics field, Philippe Godefroy and Daniel Soler have founded the WINLIGHT SYSTEM company at the end of 2001. Customers have pushed very quickly with first contracts the company which has invested in latest technologies to appears as a relevant partner on the expected markets.

The co-founder have been awarded of "Réseau-Entreprendre PACA" prize in 2002, "CREA13" 1st prize and special "Eurocopter prize" in 2004. These prizes emphazise the innovation efforts, economical results, employment and export development.

Mid 2005, Winlight found WINLIGHT OPTICS which is now in charge of all the optics production, Winlight System being in charge of the studies and integration for the realization of complete systems. Yves Salaun joins the company beginning of 2006 as Chief Technical Officer of Winlight Optics.

End of 2007, the co-founders found WINLIGHT X, a company fully devoted to x-ray and EUV markets.

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